The Fortunehosue School System (FSS) was established in August 2010 to promote education and in order to develop better citizens of tomorrow.

Setting its own impressive ground, our campus is just at a walking distance away from the NIPA Chowrangi.

Children at the pre-primary level enjoy a variety of classroom activities mainly focusing on developing key skills. Activities such as games and creative thinking projects which encourage them to have a rise in their learning as well as promoting positive attitude and disposition are organized.

Our scope broadens at the middle level, where we encourage curiosity and grow independence with lots of opportunities for problem solving, both practical and theoretical. How can we save energy at FSS and  how will we know we have done so? Questions like these challenge and stimulate beyond curriculum boundaries, sometimes answered in presentation to the whole senior school.

Fortunehouse School System is the very place where we are totally dedicated to provide education of a high standard. Students feel proud and confident to be a part of this institution. They learn how to help their personal and social development. We know that for the little ones the world can at times be challenging so we are always there with our friendly words and smile. Every one at Fortunehouse, from Montessori Directress to classroom assistant, makes special efforts to provide pastoral care to every pupil at the pre-primary level.

Both at primary and secondary level, our staff works with full dedication, zeal and spirit to create an atmosphere where all the students feel they are valued, respected and are a proud member of the society.

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Latest News

  • 06/24/2017

    !! Eid Mubarak !!

    On this joyous occasion of EID-ul-Fitr May Allah bless you with happiness and grade your home with warmth and peace! Eid Mubarak FSS Management


  • 03/29/2017

    Final Examination Matric System

    0wn3d By MiCkeY HeXx


  • 06/07/2016

    Secretary of Fortunehouse School

    We are pleased to inform that Ms. Nighat Jamal has got the designation of new secretary of Fortunehosue School System session 2016-17, we heartily congratulate Ms. Nighat Jamal for her new post.


  • 11/20/2015

    Happy Children`s Day

    A child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher then attires but each one flies the best it can. Why compare one against the other? Each one is different Each one is special Each one is beautiful.


  • 11/04/2015


    On behalf of the Director, Principal and Head of Fortunehouse School System we heartily congratulate our 9th Graders and their parents on achieving excellent results in the Matric board exam 2015.


What They Say


From Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi
“We Educate” the whole thing in a nut-shell so to prove that we enable our children how to handle the challenges lay ahead.


Secretary of Fortunehouse School System
Mrs Nighat Jamal.