Education is the most influential social weapon in any civilized society. The role of schooling is to transmit a common set of beliefs, values, norms and ways of understanding from the adult members of a society to its young.

Fortunehouse School System, educates the children of today to prepare tomorrow's leaders. We teach these values to students through the use of well-designed curriculum.

Fortunehouse School System prepares students for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and O’Level Systems. In Fortunehouse, curriculum has always been viewed as an ever modifying document. The selection of course material, application of teaching methodologies, use of supplementary material and integration of instructional technology reflect the sophisticated design and patterns with which the curriculum has been constructed in the system.

Fortunehouse School System is also benefited with the work of Research and Development (R&D) Department which continuously enrich the curriculum by writing course and supplementary books on different subjects. Where the restrictions do not permit, as in class IX, X & O’Levels with prescribed syllabi, convincing adoptions have been made without disturbing the focus of making learning more lasting.

Languages:  Languages are the most important means of communication. We emphasis on the listening, speaking and communicative elements of language learning. All the fours skills enable children to build up their vocabulary, giving them confidence to communicate well in society.

Mathematics:  Great emphasis has been given to enhance pupil’s knowledge about mathematical principles, patterns, relationships and applications so that they gain an insight into mathematical concepts, and develop the nature of mathematical reasoning alongwith the power to think and work in a systematic manner.

Science:  Provides learning experiences to develop scientific concepts and skills of observation, classification, prediction and experimentation. Thus, enabling the students to understand basic fundamentals with practical approach.

Social Studies: Familiarizing the students with the world around them, their past and present environment. Pupils also get knowledge about national unity, integration and promotion of cultural and social values in the light of our rich heritage.

Islamiat:  A spirit of appreciation for religious and cultural activities and festivals.

General Knowledge:   Enables pupils to know about their surroundings and to enhance their abilities to meet the latest requirements.

Computer Studies:  Provides computer literacy that enables students to move in the society and face the challenges of the future.

Personal and Social Development:  Good manners are an essential part of the civilized society. Interaction is a major language resource that enables children to develop socialized links.

Art:  Develops interest in art and creativity. Art develops a child’s power of imagination as well as helps to bring out the hidden skills of creation.

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From Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi
“We Educate” the whole thing in a nut-shell so to prove that we enable our children how to handle the challenges lay ahead.


Secretary of Fortunehouse School System
Mrs Nighat Jamal.