Fortunehouse School System teachers are intelligent, dedicated professionals, who take their vocation seriously and honour the moral purpose of their work. They are role models for students and are valued by both school and community at large.


The School considers its dedicated and qualified faculty, which is a combination of experienced and young talent, one of its great assets; our teachers keep abreast with latest pedagogical research, incorporating unique and diverse teaching techniques in the classroom. Interdisciplinary teaching workshops and discussions are regularly held to explore integrated approach towards curriculum development. Faculty regularly shares knowledge, thoughts and materials.

Fortunehouse School System regularly organizes workshops and seminars for management and teaching staff. Topics include teaching methodologies, classroom management and use of information technology in teaching.


Using library resources and technology to promote independent learning, critical thinking, creativity and social consciousness among students and faculty members with the aim of helping, create engaged and caring citizens of the global community.

The huge collection of books and AVD sections are the treasure of FSS library, where the teachers and students contribute their own ideas and creations to provide better resource materials. 

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From Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi
“We Educate” the whole thing in a nut-shell so to prove that we enable our children how to handle the challenges lay ahead.


Secretary of Fortunehouse School System
Mrs Nighat Jamal.