Chief Executive's Message

Over the years, Fortunehouse School System has emerged as an affluent promoter in offering quality education in a conductive learning environment. We adopt an approach of teaching and learning which is up-to-date, stimulating and collaborative using the latest advancement in Science, Information Technology, Sports and Leisure.

Our goal is to ensure that each child is treated like an individual and is fully equipped to prove his/her full potential in a stress free learning environment.

Fortunehouse School System is progressing by leaps and bounds. Now, we have stood as one of the noted educational landmarks in the heart of Karachi. I am proud of our accomplishments this far and yet excited to face the changes and challenges for the future to bring more innovative approaches to education.

When I talk about the challenges, it is essential that students should not only excel in academics but also develop courtesy, discipline, smart personality, social sensitivity keeping in mind our Islamic and cultural values.

May Allah bless the Headmistresses, teachers, all the staff members, students parents and well-wishers of Fortunehouse School System with his special grace so that the school may attain the distinction of being the crown of the society.

With Best Wishes


Mrs. Erum Mustafa Qureshi