Director's Message


A word of advice to our students of FSS.

The school takes the responsibility of nurturing children and help them to open their minds to explore the world and their life.

Each one of you are special to us and we take pride in all your achievements.
We want you to learn to excel, value people, respect your elders and purge your heart of grudges and work for a better tomorrow.

Take pride as a student of FSS in your city and your nation. Success cannot be measured by material achievements alone, in the end I would like to thank all the parents who have reposed trust in Fortune House School System.

We at FSS understand the ethos of the school and the teachers will always help in guiding and counseling the students to make the parents and FSS proud.
My sincere blessings and good wishes to all my students, parents and staff members.

With Best Regards,


Mr.Ghulam Mustafa Qureshi