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Registration form will be issued from admin office
Form should be filled in the school premises

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Mon – Thu 8:30am to 1:00pm


Friday 8:30am to 11:45am

Grade-I to Seniors


Mon – Thu 7:45am to 1:45pm


Friday7:45am to 12:30pm

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“We Educate The Readers Of Today To Become The Leaders Of Tomorrow”

Fortunehouse School System was established in the year 2010, with a benchmark of quality education in an Conducive and Congenial Environment.
The Infrastructure of ‘FSS’ is purpose built with an impressive ground. At ‘FSS’ we instill education at the highest standard and inculcate confidence, pride and personality development attributes in our students.
Discipline is the foremost priority of Fortunehouse School System. At FSS we have excellent teaching faculty who are updated with the latest techniques and syllabi of todays’ advanced modern world. Excellent salient features are provided to the students and parents from Pre-Juniors to Senior-III in the following manner.

Mission statement

Our mission is to develop youth with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others

courage to act on their beliefs. We stress on the holistic development of each child spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower student’s to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate and contribute to the Global world and practice the core values of the school respect, tolerance & inclusion of excellence.


Fortunehouse School System values the right of every individual to realize his or her potential through the acquisition

of knowledge, skills and values in a caring and supportive environment.We provide equal opportunities to all our students irrespective of gender, religion, social, ethnic and linguistic background.

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Personality Development & Character Building

Without character building personality development cannot be possible and have our heads, teachers’ and counsellors who

make sure to impart and contribute to the maximum in order to build a childs’ personality and character building in order to make them good citizens of Pakistan.

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To inculcate reading habits and make our students and readers we have a state of Art library,

where the students enjoying reading books.

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Smart Rooms

To provide student centered learning we have Smart Multi Media Rooms where students learn by

watching and listening in the Audiovisual classes.

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Student centered Learning

Students learn through the modern techniques of today’s world, and at ‘FSS’ we emphasize

on student centered learning through practical experiments as per the requisite of the subjects..

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Computer Lab

The computer lab at FSS is one of its’ kind with modern machineries and computers to make

the students work in an advanced environment.

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‘A Healthy body has a sound mind’ we have an exceptionally well equiped fitness Gymnasium

at ‘FSS’ with modern technologies and equipments to make our students fit, healthy and active.

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Science Labs

At ‘FSS’ we have purpose built designed laboratories for the students to perform the practicals and learn through performing them.

Religious Values

We promote religious values through ‘Nazra’ and Islamic teachings to keep students chose to our religion.

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The Auditorium at ‘FSS’ a grandeur and pleasure to see, this huge auditorium comprises a huge capacity

for the audience to celebrate any and every curricular, co-curricular activities, workshops, orientations etc.

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‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. We promote sports to the maximum and different in-door

and out-door activities are offered at Fortunehouse School System.

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Transport Facility

Convenient and economic transport facility is provided to the students for all the respective areas they come from.

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Socrates said

“I cannot teach anybody everything. I can only make them think.” As Fortunehouse school system we have achieved the

benchmark we had promised to our stake holders and will keep our promise and make sure to live up to the expectations of our stake holders who have been a great support in our success.

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We provide quick solution to any problem a standby generator is always ready to help us in case of load shedding.

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Conduct and discipline

Student must show good moral behavior towards all their teachers/ officials in the school.

Students are strictly prohibited to involve themselves in activates, inside or outside the school which may bring bad name to the school.Students are not allowed to bring or invite any other person inside or outside the school. Students are not allowed to borrow or lend money, books, audio or video cassettes, CDs etc among themselves.

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Educational Programmes

At the Fortunehouse School System, we offer a full-fledged educational setup.

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Safeguarding Children

We believe that all children should be able to grow and develop in circumstances where they feel safe and secure.

Thereby enabling themselves to reach their potential. In order to achieve this aim. Fortunehouse School System is committed to work with pupils, parents and Security agencies to promote the welfare of the children and protect them from any harm.

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FSS follows an activity-based learning system and Cambridge curriculum guidelines right from the beginning to provide

a sound base and smooth transition from class VIII to O’ Level/Matric as desired.
An emphasis on self-enhancement is the base of our curriculum at all the levels.

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Matric System

FSS matric system to facilitate our students where we are affiliated with BSEK (Board of Secondary Education, Karachi)

we prepare our students for SSC examination and offer science group. Students can select biology group or computer science group.

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Headmistress Emails

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Admission Criteria / Policy

The student seeking for admission will have to clear the admission test form Nursery to IX and O’ Level.

The applicant is tested in English, Mathematics and Urdu.For admission in Playgroup, only an interview is conducted after the clearance of entrance test, child, along with the parents will be interviewed. Then admission will be offered for admission in playgroup.

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The Elementary School Program includes Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten classes based on the concept of Early

Childhood Educational Development (ECED) suggested by Dr. Maria Montessori and Dr. Frobel. The complete setup has been designed to support the colourful and educational environment and to facilitate learning in a loving and caring atmosphere.

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O’Level (VI – Senior III)

FSS is registered and recognized by the University of Cambridge (UK). Cambridge General Certificate of Education

(GCE) O’ Level (ordinary level) provides the basic qualification and ideal foundation for the entrance to higher and professional studies in United Kingdom or abroad and Pakistan as well. We ensure admission of dedicated and intellectual students through prior academic records, admission test and interviews with parents and children.

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Counseling Services

FSS offers counselling services that generally offers a listening ear to the students to deal with personal and academic problems

that might hide their effectiveness as a student, for example, anxiety, depression study difficulties and personal crisis. The guardians are requested to inform FSS immediately if their child is facing any problem that is affecting his/her academic performance.

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May 5, 2014

Orientation 2022-2023

Government of Sindh Educational department has issued a notification announcing the Winter Vacation from 15th of December to 31st of December.

May 4, 2014

Independence Day Celebration 2022

On FSS organizes the Independence Day event on 11th August 2022 for students to participate and enjoy.

Academic Calendar 2021-2022

[ult_tab_element][single_tab title=”Jan-20″ tab_id=”a9cdfdee-6d55-1″]
  • Mid Term Result Day                28th Dec. 2019
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Feb-20″ tab_id=”dcdd2d6a-3ffa-9″]
  • Kashmir Day                                         5th Feb. 2020
  • Sports Day                                             08th Feb. 2020
  • Field Trip                                               15th Feb. 2020
  • 3rd Assessment /Prelim Exams       19th / 24th Feb. 2020
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Mar-20″ tab_id=”1572346792502-2-10″]
  • Farewell Matric /O-Level                                7th Mar. 2020 (Tentative)
  • Mock Exam (Sr.-II & III)                                25th Mar. 2020 till
  • Final Exam Matric (VIII-C & VII)                20th Mar. 2020
  • Pakistan Day Celebration                               20th Mar. 2020
  • Pakistan Day                                                     23rd Mar. 2020
  • Shab-e-Mairaj                                                   25th Mar. 2020
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Apr-20″ tab_id=”1572346793972-3-7″]
  • New Session (Matric Section)                                           01st Apr. 2020
  • 4th Assessment                                                                   06th Apr. 2020
  •                                                                                                10th Apr. 2020
  • Mock Exam (Sr.-II & III)                                                 06th Apr. 2020 till
  • Shab-e-Barat                                                                      16th Apr. 2020
  • Parent Teacher Meeting
    Orientation Matric Section                                            12th Apr. 2020
  • Session Closing Party                                                      24th Apr. 2020
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”May-20″ tab_id=”1572346795290-4-8″]
  • Labour Day Holiday                                1st May 2020
  • Final-Term Exam (VI – Sr.I)                      04th May. 2020
    till 15th May 2020
  • Paper Review Day                                    21st May. 2020
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Jun-20″ tab_id=”1572346798124-5-7″]
  • Final Result Day                                        4th June 2020
  • Summer break for students                      1st Jun. to 31 Jul. 2020
    as per govt. announcement
  • School will reopens for teachers               20th July 2020
  • School will reopens for Students              3rd Aug. 2020
[/single_tab][/ult_tab_element][ult_tab_element][single_tab title=”Jul-19″ tab_id=”1572350197571-5-5″]
  • School reopens for teachers               1st July, 2019
  • School reopens for students              10thJuly, 2019
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Aug-19″ tab_id=”1572347185587-0-5″]
  • Orientation Day (O’Level)               3rd Aug. 2019
  • Hajj Activity                                     8th Aug. 2019
  • Independence Day Celebration     9th Aug. 2019
  • Eid-ul-Azha Holidays                      13th Aug. 2019
    to 15th Aug. 201
  • Eid Milan Party                                 23rd Aug. 2019
  • 1st Assessment                                 26th Aug. 2019
    till 30th Aug. 2019
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Sep-19″ tab_id=”1572347185771-0-7″]
  • Defence Day Celebration                          6th Sept. 2019
  • Debate Competition (English)                  12th Sept. 2019
  • Quaid-e-Azam Death Anniversary           10th Sept. 2019
  • Aashura Holidays                                      9th-10th Sept. 2019
  • Debate Competition (Urdu)                      26th Sept. 2019
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Oct-19″ tab_id=”1572347185899-0-1″]
  • Science Exhibition                                   05th Oct. 2019
  • Library Week 14                                      18 th Oct. 2019 to
  • Chelum                                                     19th Oct. 2019
  • 2nd Assessment/Mid-Term (Matric)  28th Oct. 2019
    till 1st Nov. 2019
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Nov-19″ tab_id=”1572347186005-0-7″]
  • Allama Iqbal Day                             08 th Nov, 2019
  • Parent Teacher Meeting                 09th Nov. 2019
  • Eid Millad-un-Nabi(SAW)              10th Nov. 2019
  • Eid Millad-un-Nabi(S.A.W) Celeb. 15th Nov. 2019
[/single_tab][single_tab title=”Dec-19″ tab_id=”1572347186106-0-5″]
  • Mid-Term Exam (VI-Sr-III)                        4th Dec. 2019 till1
    6th Dec. 2019
  • Winter Break                                             21st Dec. 2019
  • School re-open for teachers                     28th Dec. 2019
  • School re-open for students                     30th Dec. 2019