Theme based learning:

Theme based learning is an approach where in many areas of the curriculum is connected and integrated within a theme. The theme makes sense to children it fastens Comparision, categorizing and pattern finding, building blocks of scientific methods enabling the students to perform the motor skills and become independent. We at FSS follow thematic learning color days, pet day, season gala and exhibitions.


Mind fullness


 Mindfulness is an interaction mind body-based approach that helps students to manage their thoughts and feelings and their mental health.


 Exam free evaluation


 There are no formal examinations in the preschool. During the formative years, we aim to harness each child’s potential, thus we strive to create a stress-free environment that promotes learning and curiosity in all children to have their abilities and produce better and independent individuals.


Structured Play


  learning takes place everywhere at FSS and we encourage our students to learn by performing. Thus our kindergarten section consists of stimulating an outdoor environment that includes swings, climbing rods where children are encouraged to explore. Our structured and unstructured play activities extend beyond the classroom and aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills in our students.




 The importance of sports in the life of these toddlers is invaluable and it instills lessons that are essential for life, the toddlers learn values like discipline self-confidence, sportsmanship, and accountability. At FSS we encourage our students to participate in sports at all levels. Our Pre-school conducts an annual sports day. The junior sports day is an inter-house event in which students compete in various disciplines including track field and other team sports.


Health and fitness program


  As is it said, “Health is wealth”. Health and fitness program is an exclusive program in FSS Pre-school, under this program the PE or physical education class has been transformed to a structured subject with a detailed curriculum that is based on the international standards for physical education. PE classes now comprise of mandatory, structured activities that put emphasis on locomotor skills and bone development of our students, skills such as stretching, running, dribbling, catching, throwing and striking are taught to our students through structured play activities. This program ensures the physical, mental and emotional well being of our students while preparing strong athletes for the future.


 Material work(EPL/SENSORIAL)


  EPL exercises are conducted practically i.e:- Basic, useful, purposeful. Meaning and purpose of practical life. The material is also related to the child’s time and culture.EPL are those simple daily activities that are normally performed by the child in the environment. The purpose of sensorial activities is to help children to sort out the different impressions given y the sense. Material is specially designed t help children develop skills for discrimination, order and to refined the senses.

Admission Test Policy


 There is no assessment or entrance test for children at the playgroup and Montessori I & II stage children wishing to enter must pass a school assessment test before being considered for admission. Once the child clears the entrance test, parents should collect the admission form from the Reception. Please note that there is no policy of concession in admission fee that will be conducted on teachers’ guidance.

Admission Test Policy

Play Group


2 years and 5 months
3 years and 4 months



 3 years and 5 months


4 years and 4 months




4 years and 5 months


5 years and 4 months


Character Building


 Without character-building personality development cannot be possible and hence our heads, teachers’ and counsellors make sure to impart and contribute to the maximum to building a child’s personality and character to make them good citizens of Pakistan.

Student Oriented Learning


 The student learns through the modern techniques of today’s world, and at FSS we emphasize on student-centered learning through practical experiments as per the requisites of the subjects.



 To inculcate reading habits and make our students avid readers we have state of the Art library, where the students enjoy reading books.

Smart Rooms


To provide student centered learning we have Smart Multi Media Rooms where students learn by watching and listening in the Audiovisual classes.

Science Lab


 At ‘FSS’ we have purpose-built designed laboratories for the student to perform the practicals and learn through performing.

Computer Lab


 The computer lab at FSS is one of its kind with modern machinery and computers to make the students work in an advanced environment.



 A healthy body has a sound mind we have an exceptional well-equipped fitness gym at ‘FSS’ with modern technologies and equipment to make our students fit, healthy and active.



All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. We promote sports to the maximum. Different indoor and outdoor activities are offered at the fortune house school system.

Religion Values


We promote religious values through Nazra and Islamic teachings to keep students close to our religion.



The auditorium at ‘FSS’ is a grandeur, this huge auditorium comprises a huge capacity for the audience and every curricular, co-curricular activities, workshops, orientations, etc.

Stand By Generator


We provide a quick solution to every problem, a standby generator is always ready to help us in case of load shedding.

Transport facility:


A convenient and economical transport facility is provided to the students for all respective areas they come from.